Painting I'm Head Over Heels in Love With!

Flower Arranging 101
Sylvia McCutcheon

One of the first parties I ever catered after I got my business cards printed was Syd's annual Queen of Arts show in November. My mother has been friends with Syd for over 30 years, ever since they were in Ballard Weaver's together. I babysat her girls when I was younger. They had this great big house across the street from Ballard School with a sign on the fence that said "Our Horses are Oustanding in Their Field" on the horse corral.

Syd is one of those people that makes you happy just to be around her. She always has a joke to tell and always has a smile on her face. She is also one of those people "who believes in you!" She is the most encouraging person. She brings out the inner-artist in everyone. She and Carol Kemp own the Art Clinic in Solvang and she is a sought after teacher at Art Fest in Port Townsend.

My mother's house is filled with Syd's art. And I seem to have something in almost every room in my house from Syd. One of my most favorite things she made me is a piece i have hanging in my kitchen. On the front it says "Do Your Own Art...Whatever It Is." On the back was the part about me being a Food Artist. We all have our strengths. I can't sing to save my life and I can barely paint or draw, but I can cook. We all benefit from sharing our strengths with each other.

Syd is an artist of multiple mediums. You never know what she will create next. But even more than her amazing art is her greatest gift of all: the joy and inspiration she gives to others!

Here is a link to her flickr site so you can see more of her work


Syd said…
Maili that was so sweet!!! I am glad that I have been able to watch you grow all these years. You are not only a good cook and loving person you are an inspiration to all who meet you....the most generous soul I know. I am glad I was able to make you happy with the painting. A small thing compared to your big heart.

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