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When you chop the cauliflower be sure to make at least one side of each floret flat so it will brown more easily in the pan.
Fresh cauliflower from a local farm.

If you think you don't like cauliflower because all of your life you have had it raw, boiled or steamed then you are missing out.  My nephew, who is the pickiest eater in the world and practically only ate corn dogs, will eat bowls and bowls of roasted cauliflower.  He literally begs for us to make it.  We make it at home about twice a week.
There are three key techniques to get the nutty sweet flavor that is so good:
1.  Do not crowd the pan.  If you crowd the pan it will steam instead of brown.  So if using a pan on the stove, use the largest pan you have and cook it in batches.  
2.  If roasting in the oven separate it on to two sheets pans and do not crowd it into one pan.
3.  Keep going until it is nutty brown (not black.).  The taste really transforms when the color becomes a dark golden brown.
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