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Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake - Gourmet 1990

The first time I made this Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake it was 1990 and I was in college in Washington DC.  I wasn't going home until Christmas and it was the first time for me to spend Thanksgiving away from my family.  It was the smallest Thanksgiving I've ever had, but still one of my favorite memories with just the four of us having this beautiful elegant meal.  

I continues to make that Cheesecake year after year after year.  In fact I wrote about it when my heart was broken when Gourmet ceased publication.   I had learned to cook from the pages of Gourmet and it was my favorite magazine.  After I posted the article, the wife of one of the former editors of Gourmet magazine found me.  She said her husband had passed away and that she was looking for someone to give his collection too.  The only condition was that I never sell it.  I could give it away or share it but never sell it.  I treasure it deeply. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake With Bourbon Sour Cream ToppingGourmet | November 19…

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