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Blue Cheese Dressing

Sheep's Milk Roquefort photography Rob Peterson

I have two secrets for blue cheese dressing.  One might be hard to guess and the second one should seem obvious.
The first secret ingredient is minced celery.  Think about how good celery is dipped in blue cheese dressing.  Well if you mince the celery and put it in the blue cheese has a crunch and dimension that most people can never guess but will say that it is the best blue cheese dressing they have ever tasted.
The second secret, that should seem obvious, is that all blue cheese is not created equal.  AVOID ANYTHING PRECRUMBLED.  There is some anti-caking powder that is put on the cheese to prevent it from sticking together and whatever that powder is or preservation measure it is not the cheese you want for your dressing.  A Sheep's Milk Roquefort is about a thousand times better than some pre-crumbled box of powdered something that may be titled blue cheese.  We had about ten blue cheese options lined-up for this and I lov…

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