The Best Way to Cook the Most Delicious Corn

Be sure your pan is hot before you add the corn.
I always say that you use all of your five senses when you cook.
In this case want to use sound when you are sautéing.  
You want to hear the pan sizzle and make noise when
 you put the corn in.  

This is one of my simplest recipes and it is all technique.  I can't tell you how many times people have asked me "how I was going to cook the corn" and they look at my perplexed and commenting that they've never seen it done that way.  This is a recipe that people's eyes light up when they taste the corn and they say "this is amazing."  They can't get over how good it tastes.  I feel like I'm giving them some secret key to making corn extra delicious.  They want it to be harder or more complicated or need more ingredients.  But there are only three ingredients.  That's it!

They are three techniques that make vegetables (and other things as well) taste the best.  Oven roasting, grilling or sautéing over high heat.  It seems so basic but if you were taught that the way to cook things such as beets, shrimp, lobster or corn was by boiling them you might not even question or think there could be another way.  That is how it is with many things in life, but most especially cooking.  We're taught "the way" to make something and we most often stick with the first way we were taught.

But there is another way.  And this other way is so simple yet it makes a major difference.  The heat brings out the sweetness of the corn and makes it taste amazing.  I do have a recipe for Creamed Corn but this method is honestly so sweet and delicious that no butter or cream are needed.

Serves 4-6

4 ears of corn (white or yellow, whichever you prefer)
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil or canola oil
1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt

Cut the kernels off of the corn cob.

In the largest skillet you have, place it on high heat and add the grapeseed oil when the pan is hot.  Turn the heat to medium high and add the corn.

Saute for about four minutes, stirring or tossing the corn occasionally while it is cooking.

Sprinkle with salt while cooking.

Serve and enjoy.

Note:  this is the corn recipe I use when I'm making corn as a side dish for dinner.  I also use this recipe when I'm making a corn salad.  For those of you who usually make your corn salads with raw corn, try switching to this cooked version.  

Cutting the kernels off the cob.  I prefer using a sharp chef's knife 
for almost everything.  I know some people prefer a pairing knife 
while balancing the corn in a bowl. 

This is another recipe I worked on in Hollye's kitchen (author of
The Silver Pen blog)  Beautiful photography by Blue Caleel 


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