Dinner At Tiffani's

photography Elizabeth Messina from the article
featured on Sweden with Love

My dear friend, Tiffani Thiessen, has a new show premiering on The Cooking Channel next Tuesday.  Tiffani and I met ten years ago when I catered her wedding.  We became fast friends because Tiffani loves to cook and her husband, Brady, loves to eat.  Actually, we all love to eat, and Tiffani is one of the first people I call when I need a great restaurant recommendation.  She always gives me the best tips about something delicious that I need to try.

Along with her new show, she has a beautiful new website, tiffanithiessen.com, for easy access to all of her quick and delicious recipes.  When I went to her party I had thirds of the Lemon and Olive Oil Chicken because it was so good.  I loved every single thing on the menu!

photography Elizabeth Messina

The menus were designed by Tiffani's super talented sister-in-law, Jill Smith.
For all of the recipes from the entire evening click here.

I need someone to teach me how to imbed videos in a blog post. Until I learn how to do that, here is a link to the video for Tiffani's new show:



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