Onion Goggles

I was teaching a cooking class last month at my friend, Julie Farrell's, house and I was teaching everyone how to dice an onion.  I was teaching everyone how to caramelize onions for Nirasha's Orzo Arugula Salad recipe (for those of you who have never made it before, it has become the number one most made recipe on my blog, beating out the Buttermilk Pancakes and Melissa's Artichoke Dip.)  Nirasha's Orzo Salad is the ideal recipe to bring to a potluck and yet can also be elegant enough to serve plated at dinner party.  My friend, Tracey, was just bringing it to a the cookout her son's baseball team was having.  (Nirasha Holcomb is my former sous-chef, who went out on her own to open a successful restaurant and then when she had her baby turned back to catering.)

Now back to the onion goggles.  (I get so easily side-tracked.)  I was teaching how to slice onions and Julie pulls these onion goggles out of the drawer that a friend had given to her.  They absolutely work!  It is the gases released from the onions that cause you to cry.  There have been a hundred remedies from lighting a candle near the onion to burn up the gases or refrigerating the onion to eliminate them, to wearing ski goggles.  I guess this one is in-line with wearing ski goggles.  Maybe swim goggles would also work.  You can find them from various sources such as:  amazon.com, Sur La Table, Bed Bath and Beyond and Chefstools.com.  Just do a search for "onion googles" and they'll show up in pink, green, white or whatever color you prefer!

Me wearing the onion goggles for the first time at Julie's

Actor Ed O'Neill, who plays Jay on Modern Family, wearing the Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles.  They work!


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