Recipes I need to type

Clipboards on my desk of recipes I need to type

I'm sitting here at my desk with 101 recipe testing emails in my head that I don't even know where to begin. I've attached a picture of the clipboards stacked on my desk of recipes written that still need to be typed up and eventually shared with you.

Then I have a second pile (quite a stack at this point!) of recipes from friends that I want to share: Phuong's football recipes from last fall, Stasia's fabulous recipes from Memorial Day Weekend, the sweet letters Tootie sent about her mom and my mom that I need to type up, Val's wonderful pound cake that was worth eating, Auntie Sandy's WW version of her chicken and her great soup suggestion with the lentils.

And the honest truth is that I LOVE writing the recipe testing emails and love sharing with all of you. The clipboards don't hang over my head like "work" to do. They call my longingly because in my fantasy world I'd be writing, testing, cooking and emailing recipes everyday! We've just been going non-stop for the last 3 weeks and today is the first "break" or down day I've even had and then tomorrow starts another very busy week with homeschool art day Monday, Katherine's class picnic on Tuesday, Katherine's graduation on Wednesday and then her big graduation party on Saturday.

When we got back from our Yosemite trip, my sister wrote "Oh boy, it's the end of the school year and if you are like me right now, you feel like the juggling clown at a circus with rings twirling on each arm, leg and a baton balancing on your nose..." which described perfectly how almost everyone I spoke to felt. I was so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week that I called my sister and we just started laughing. I had written out the entire schedule for the next two weeks for Jason and when I looked at the list of daily activities it seemed impossible. But instead of getting stressed we decided to just laugh. We were laughing so hard we were crying on the phone. And when we hung up we felt terrific and we we both just put one step in front of the other and start knocking stuff off the lists. And to be honest I got more done on Monday after laughing than I ever would have if I had let myself be stressed or worried.

I also have to mention I have really great friends. I had a lot of commitments yet none of my friends put any pressure on me. I could show up with or without makeup. I could just show up. I taught a private cooking class on Tuesday night to two wonderful women I met for the first time who were such a delight. It was a free-form cooking class where the hostess bought a bunch of ingredients and I showed up and just started cooking what she bought. I could have cooked like that all night. It was such a great time!

Then on Wednesday we went on the homeschool field trip by train to LA. That trip alone is at least 3 recipe testing emails! From the food at Central Market to the food in Chinatown to dinner at Philippe's (where the French Dip was created in 1908). Each of those is its own story as well as the historical tour we took with a docent from the LA Conservancy. The inside of the Bradbury building was worth the trip alone! (see the Kodak Gallery links below for pictures of the field trip as well as the Yosemite trip.)

I have more diet news and diet tips but I'll post those on the Fiddle Recipes/Healthy Recipes blog. For now, just laugh if you are feeling stressed and before you know it the week will be over!



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