Hi Recipe Testers!

I’m going to put all of this on the blog. I was so concerned about having everything on the blog be perfect so that it could be something I could show to clients. But then it defeated the “testing and feedback” part of this whole process. So the mailifiles blog will be just that: imperfect and for testing and sharing. Then I can make another blog (maybe a Maili Productions blog) that only has professional pictures and perfect recipes.

I know some of you, like me, are completely unfamiliar with blogs. So I will continue to send all of these out via e-mail as well as post the e-mails to the blog.

My life has been completely nuts since December and I have piles of recipes to type up. I also have lots of new names to add, so if you asked me to add someone to the list in the last three months, it is most likely still on a piece of paper. I’ll enter those into the computer soon, but in the meantime just forward them to whomever you asked me to add.

The next series I really want to type and share with everyone are the simple things I make for dinner for my family every night. So easy to make, yet so difficult for me to get on paper and send to you!!

The only thing that got me started this morning is that my friend, Marla, needed this recipe and asked me to send it to her. I’ve been making this recipe for years, but Marla first had it at the brunch after Bobbie Rubin’s “Camp Bobbie” surprise birthday party.

Also, I do always measure the cake ingredients but never the streusel ingredients. Sometimes I make streusel topping with oatmeal in it, sometimes not. Sometimes I put a little fresh grated nutmeg in there too. You can let me know if you have a favorite way to make streusel topping.

I have tried to format the recipes so that all the mac computers can read them too. I have taken out the 1/2 short-cuts and things that didn’t transfer. (All you mac users—about half my list!—please tell me if the correct measurements are coming through or if you’re still getting little squares). I’ve also made the font Times New Roman, so that will transfer as well.

I don’t have time to type the cream cheese frosting recipe at the moment, but it is super easy: cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla. I’ll get that out soon.



PS I also think it is funny that I keep sending out baking recipes when I like to cook so much more than I like to bake!


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